Slate Pothead Coasters


Set of 4 slate laser-engraved coasters.


Who doesn’t like coasters for their favorite coffee lover?

Offering a natural, yet elegant twist on traditional coasters, this 4-piece set of laser-engraved Pothead slate coasters can be characterized by their natural texture and chiseled edges.

A sleek place to set your drink on, these coasters are great to use in any room and are perfect for the avid coffee drinker in your life. Measuring 4-inches in diameter they have a protective clear coat to prevent any coffee or beverage stains on the laser-engraved design.

★ Each slate coaster is laser-engraved for a durable design.
★ The diameter of these laser-engraved slate coasters is 4 inches.
★ We seal each laser-engraved slate Pothead Coaster to protect them from stains.

Additional information

Weight1.445 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in



Gloss, Polyurethane


4 inches


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