The Genie in the Workshop

Brendini the Genie

My name is Brenda. You can almost always find me with a dog by my side. In our house that isn't very hard when the dogs out number the humans. I have a wonderfully supportive partner and two great kids who are always inspiring me to stay creative. As a matter of fact, Lazer Genie's business name came from the nickname our youngest began calling me. Brendini the Genie. Anytime something at home was broken the kids would ask Brendini the Genie to try to fix it.

I have a great love to tinker and make things with my hands. Founded in 2017 from a hobby, Lazer Genie has come a long way from its beginnings in a spare room with a small 2.5-watt diode laser. When I first started out, my passion for creating unique one of a kind items drove me to push my creativity and tools to the limit so that Lazer Genie can offer you unique one of a kind items. I now serve customers all over the country and am thrilled that I can share my passion with so many wonderful people.

After the loss of our beloved beagle Annie, I really began pursuing photo engravings on granite and marble as a way to eternalize my favorite pictures of my pets. Once word got out friends and friends of friends contacted me for the same.

I believe that every project has its own story to tell, and I love working with each individual client to help them tell their story creatively and beautifully. I enjoy this collaboration as each project pushes my creativity and skills to the next level.






custom holiday ornament



The Help


hand painted crest

Hand Painted Crest

Custom Hand painted, laser engraved sign.

red memorial plaque

Pet Tribute

Absolute black marble memorial tribute.


Custom Ornaments

Custom Christmas Ornament


Photo Coasters

Custom Slate photo coaster

national guard plaque

3D National Guard Wall Tribute

3D National Guard wall tribute, can be hung on wall or placed on stand.


Acrylic Wedding Clock

Personalize acrylic clock for wedding gift.

square pumpkin

Fun Pumpkin Carving

Yes, we even engrave pumpkins!

3d bear

3D hand painted bear

3- dimensional hand painted and layered bear scene.

Laser engraved gift

Custom Pet frames

Custom Pet Frames

laser engraved memorial

Granite Photo wall memorials

Custom photo wall memorial made of granite and framed in mahogany